How I got my crew together for my short film ‘La Lune Folle’

How I got my crew together for my short film ‘La Lune Folle’ (pt1)

This post introduces two amazing women – Maike (set) & Jess (Costume), how we met & includes a couple of short videos so enjoy! x

My vision for La Lune Folle was to work with a team that was a combination of people I had already worked with and to also make opportunities for some fresh & upcoming talent.

In my search I reached out to Geoff Coleman a friend and Head of Acting at Royal Central School of Specch and Drama.

Geoff introduced me to Maike. Well Maike was not doing costume anymore but seemed more interested in doing the Production Design.

At that time I had an experienced set designer but felt their taste was a little too expensive for the film and I needed someone who was more hungry and flexible.

So when Maike turned up I decided to give her a go and we met for coffee in Kensal Rise. Being a director herself I felt that she empathized with me and could see the ‘bigger picture’ along with her set responsibilities – which was a bonus for me!

2 hours later she was in! (She was such a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone any day ) 😉

With my production designer in place I still needed to get a costume & wardrobe person.

I had this idea of having someone make a dress for the lead character – crazy right? Well sometimes it helps to think outside the box I guess.

I met with a couple of girls from London College of Fashion but they fell through so I turned back to Central’s website which had a list of over 40 students!

Now I thought if I write to all of them they will think it’s a scam and no one will reply so I actually prayed and picked two people from the list.

One never got back but one did and it was Jessica – again she said she was a dress maker but was quite keen to oversee the costume department.

I was a little reluctant but I do like a strong minded character and sure she was. Jessica Charlottle Ward is one of the most tenacious and solution finding people I know – She not only made the dress but when the clothes from National Costume Hire turned out to be too tight for the characters her dressmaking sure came in handy and she ruled!

To be continued:


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