When you face what you fear You become fearless!

I have been holding back writing my first blog about my film only because . . . I get confused about how much to write and what to initially share . . . so I asked myself that very question – what is it that draws me to read someone elses blog?

As much as it is about the story for me, I love to know about the people behind it, what drives them to passionately tell that story? – the basic WHY?

LaLuneFolle brings together two of my favourite things, period drama and classical music. It follows the story of Carly a young mixed race girl who must face her fears if she is to get a place at a prestigious music conservatoire.

We all have different fears and we find ways to face them. Mine was loosing my mum. I thought I’d never make it. She used to say facing your fear makes you fearless. I didn’t know what she meant then, but now I do.

In this blog I hope to share the making of the film and the lessons learned along the way. . . On occasion I might write stuff the doesn’t fit neatly into film making but it’s stuff that life is made of.

Alexander Mackendrick said it’s all about the ‘Process’ & that’s what we are enjoying most – the journey! I hope you will join us! 🙂


Please do follow us on facebook and on twitter and www.LaLuneFolle.com


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