Meneka in pink

2018 – Jer Bulsara, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bryan Singer
2018 – Rumi, Girls Uncuffed Bohemia Junction  Limited, UK/India
2010 – Sangeeta Ray, Another Year, Mike Leigh
2005 – Sunita, The Girl in the Cafe, Tightrope Picture, Dir. David Yates – Richard Curtis (Producer)
2004 – Asha, Little Box Of Sweets, UK/India
2010 – Arshia Kapoor, The Bill, Talkback, Paul Wroblewski
2009 – Geena Patel, Holby City, BBC Television, Chris King
2008 – Dr Khan (1 episode), Eastenders, BBC Television
2005 – Alicia Shah (Reg), River City, BBC Scotland, Various Directors
2002 – Poona, Beloved Poona, NRK Productions/Norway, Eva Isaksen


2009 – Behind The Images, Royal Court Theatre, Nina Raine/Written by Alia Bano 2007, Stage, Conflict Zone Workshop, Young Vic Theatre

2003 – Midnight’s Children, Royal Shakespeare Company, Tim Supple/Barbican UK/Apollo N.Y./UK Tour

2001 – Pooja, 14 Songs 2 Weddings and a Funeral (New Prod), Tamasha/Birmingham Repertory, Christine Landon-Smith


Featured Artist, Compassion – Bombay Dub Orchestra, Rare Company Ltd, Huw Jenkins
Featured Artist, Oh Night! – Spellbound. Dir Carl Simpson, Gor-Mac Music
Featured Artist, Heaven On Earth – Spellbound. Dir. Ian Titterington, La La Land


TRAINING – Lee Strasberg Institute London
Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 21.16.34




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