La Lune Folle

After a long journey our short film ‘La Lune Folle’ starring the wonderful Siân Phillips and Yasmin Joy Vigus is finally complete.  Written & directed by Meneka Das and produced by Andrew T. Mackay/Bohemia Junction and Meneka Das

Here is the official trailer.


When you face what you fear you become fearless

After the loss of a loved one, timid Carly struggles to face her audition at a prestigious music conservatoire. As she awaits her turn in the empty corridor, a picture of a 19th Century young & confident woman on the wall catches her eye.

Desperate to find courage Carly escapes into a fantasy. Imagining herself as the young woman, she is no longer afraid of facing her audition but also of letting go of even deeper fears.


And the official poster created by Indian designer Keith Pereira

La Lune Folle Poster