Behind the Scenes – Video

Here are some videos from behind the scenes in the build up to our shoot for La Lune Folle.


Writer Director Meneka Das talks about La Lune Folle with Actress and associate producer Yazmin Joy Vigus

Our composer Andrew T. Mackay training our actress to play Debussy for the shoot


The night before the recording


In studio 3 at Abbey Road as Yazmin tries her hand at playing Debussy ‘Clair De Lune with Cellist Ashok Klouda, Violist Emma Purslow and violinist Francina Moll Salord

Dressmaker and costume designer Jessica Charlotte Ward starts the dressmaking process for our lead actress’ special dress!

Anna Thompson our Hair and Make-up on La Lune Folle prepares our actress for a photo shoot to create the picture in the film. Also we reveal the beautiful dress!

Our set designer Maike Koch rummages through the props store and finds some great Victoriana!