The Music

The music for La Lune Folle is based on the classic Debussy composition Clair de Lune. There have been may recordings and arrangements but few worked for my film. So I went to my long-time music collaborator Andrew T. Mackay from Bombay Dub Orchestra and explained what I wanted. Between us we discussed how the music would feature in the film and how it would affect the story.

The central part of the film’s score is based around a live performance and for this I wanted piano, cello and violin. We actually recorded viola as well as Andrew re-arranged and orchestrated the piece for Piano Quartet bringing his own take on the popular classic.

Below is a sample stereo mix of the score which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and mixed by Abhishek Khandalwal at Yash Rash Studios in Mumbai.



Cellist Ashok Klouda and Violist Emma Purslow