Set in a country coming of age, Little Box Of Sweets is a simple love story about a young girl’sAsha_Seth-on-Steps2 journey to fight for her dreams and the love of the man who inspired her!

A little village in North India is Asha’s (Meneka Das) world. Whatever she knows and wants is right here in her humble existence with her grandparents and soul mate Lalli.

Then Seth (Joe Anderson) comes along, the handsome son of an Indian commissioner and Sheila, the beautiful daughter of a British Missionary.

Seth and Asha’s common love for poetry draws them closer – awakening Asha to a dream to be more like him and strive for a better future. But it comes at a price . . .

With beautiful photography by Dusan Todorovic and a fine soundtrack from Andrew T. Mackay, this film is an elegy to a rural India, fast disappearing under the bulldozers of economic liberalization.




The common thread of love, friendship, celebrations and tears, nothing says it better than ‘LITTLE BOX OF SWEETS’.



“…A very handsome piece, with a strain of authentic, dust-blown poetry in its image-making that proves hard to deny or resist…….. there’s definite promise behind the camera – and there aren’t all that many female directors at large within the non-Bollywood Indian cinema. With perseverance, the right support and an even slightly better script, Das could well have the field to herself….” – Mike McCahill, Film Critic (Flixter) (now with The Guardian)


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